Wedding – Charlie & Sara


Charlie and Sara were having difficulty finding a photographer in New York. We’d originally ruled ourselves out of contention as we thought the fact that we live 3000 miles away made it seem unlikely. As well as that we were booked up for that weekend, not realising that Charlie and Sara’s wedding was on the bank holiday Monday. However, as soon as we saw that it was possible, we jumped at the chance to hop across the pond for a whistle-stop wedding tour, and ignored the prospect of horrendous jet lag on the way home!

Charlie and Sara actually got married a year ago, but wanted to wait a year before holding the ceremony in the most dramatic of settings – in front of the New York skyline, nestled between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge in the district of DUMBO (Downtown Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).

The venue was the quirkily named ‘Smack Mellon‘, which is a non-profit arts organisation dedicated to supporting under-recognised women artists through funding and studio residencies. Coincidentally, the street outside the venue was used in the film ‘Once Upon a Time in America‘. The venue is essentially one huge room with massive windows along one side, and an immaculate white plastered wall on the other. The isle was lined by rusted metal pillars, which looked very striking against the polished concrete floor. Once Charlie and Sara exchanged vows, they left for group photos in the park overlooking the New York skyline. One of the most fun aspects for us was to create our own version of the iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street, except with Charlie and Sara throwing shapes in front of it!

I could go on and on writing about all the little details of wedding, but the beauty of photography is that I can just show you instead. Charlie and Sara, thank you for asking me to photograph your wedding in one of the most iconic spots in America!