Wedding – Pat & Frances



Pat and Frances’ wedding in Islington took place on a glorious summer’s day. It started with Prosecco and Orange juice for breakfast, followed by a wedding ceremony in the grand setting of Islington Town Hall. The parade to the park got the local’s heads turning and once in the park corks were flying! The reception in the Peasant Pub was fantastic and the food was about as far from Peasant food as you get. Patrick came out with possibly the finest ad-libbed speech I’ve seen and had his wife in tears (the good sort). How do you finish up such a wonderful day? By dancing to R. Kelly’s ‘Bump and Grind’ of course!

They wrote a such lovely testimonial, and although it was too long for the stuff people say page, it’s well worth sharing here:

‘My wife and I were married in Islington at the start of August this year. We considered many different photographers for our big day before we chose Peter. Having a great photographer who’s work you like was really important to us, as we only plan on doing it once. We liked his reportage style which we think looks like it captures moments in a more natural way than other traditional wedding photography. That being said, we were unsure if we wanted some traditional shots of us with our extended family. We spoke to Peter about this and though not his usual thing, he was happy to accommodate us. Peter was there from when I was having breakfast with my Best Man and friends, through the service and throughout the day. Because of Peter professional and pleasant demeanour you forgot that he was busy taking pictures and we just relaxed and enjoyed the day. We also loved the fact that Peter could work with his photographic partner, it meant that we got all the good bits twice, with another perspective of our day. This is great as its true what they say, the day goes by so fast when it’s your own wedding. I have no regrets about our choice of photographer and could not recommend Peter more highly.’ – Patrick Antill

Cheers to a wonderful day and a wonderful life together!