Les Misérables School Edition Stage Fight!

Cambridge Theatre Company are back with another fantastic show, and one which I’m almost certain you’ve heard of. Even if you don’t know a thing about musicals you will have heard about Les Misérables. CTC are fortunate enough to have the rights to the school edition, which means that cast members up to the age of 19 can perform a number of the original songs from the show.

One of the perks of being a CTC Les Mis School Edition cast member is you get direction from professionals working in the industry. I was asked to come in and take photos during a stage fighting lesson. This entails running through the different scenes, especially scenes in which violence is portrayed, and trying to make it look authentic.

You might wonder why it is important to focus on fighting in a show, but after watching a couple of hours of this one rehearsal, the difference is night and day. At the beginning, the cast members were understandably guessing what a stage fight looked like, and quite often ended up feeling sheepish while doing it. This workshop shows you clever ways to create a convincing physical presence on stage that is completely safe at the same time. By the end of the rehearsal, the cast members were grappling, grabbing, pushing and hurling each other all over the place!

If you were to stumble across these photos without context, it would look like an aggressive man is pushing a load of kids around. You could say this shows a degree of authenticity to the professional’s work! I can categorically state that no cast members were harmed during this rehearsal. I can also state that taking these photos was really interesting, and that it was great to get really close to the action and create nice angles to emphasise the energy of the scenes.

Les Miserables Schools Edition by CTC is running from 24th-28th October at the Leys Theatre in Cambridge. Tickets available here.


Les Misérables School Edition Stage Fight

Les Misérables School Edition Stage Fight