Engagement Shoots

Engagement shoots in Cambridge & Internationally!


Engagement Shoots are a great way to get used to having a camera in front of you. They can also make for excellent wedding invites. They’re handy if you don’t fancy filling too much of your wedding day with couple-focused shots and would prefer to spend time with your guests.

I am always happy to travel for a shoot. Perhaps you have a particular place that resonates with you. Where you first met, proposed, or you plain old like the place, then I am happy to meet you there. Shoots normally last a couple of hours, but can be longer if you have multiple locations in mind. If you’re not sure where to go, I am happy to provide suggestions. Or alternatively, you could look at articles like this.

My engagement shoots start at £200, plus travel and/or accommodation expenses. That hasn’t stopped people in the past though. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been asked to go to Bruges and Paris for engagement shoots! If you have similar ideas for your shoot, I’m very accommodating about travel expenses. Please contact me to discuss the finer details.

Peter Buncombe Photography – Engagement shoots Cambridge & Internationally.