Wedding – Drew & Lisa


Drew and Lisa’s wedding was always going to be special to photograph. Their church was Yosemite, and you can’t get much better than that for sheer unadulterated beauty. What I loved about this wedding was that they let nature decorate and furnish the wedding – using old logs to line the isle and picking wild flower bouquets on the morning of the wedding. The priest marrying them was their friend Michael. He forgot his belt (which can happen when camping), so he held his trousers up with a shoelace! Other great moments include Drew supping on Jim Beam in his wedding outfit with no shoes on, seeing a grizzly bear a couple of hundred metres away from the wedding site and having a beach party after the ceremony, with beer and wine being given out from the back of a pickup. Drew and Lisa, what a day it was, and I am looking forward to returning one day. How about for renewing your vows?!