Corpus Christi Wedding Cambridge Aisha & Matt

Cambridge University weddings tend to have quite the spectacle about them. They have such rich heritage and status that you require a connection to the college to get married in one. Aisha’s stepfather is a Corpus Christi fellow, and they were lucky to book one of only four weddings that year.

Aisha spent the morning getting ready with her bridesmaids in one of the guest rooms. It was a hive of activity, and as each hour went by more people joined the fray. Matt and his groomsmen were only up the stairs, so we had to make sure we didn’t leave the door ajar in case he sneaked a peek!

Corpus Christi Chapel is a glorious place to get married, and feels quite compact and cosy for such a large space. The guests lined the pews and the isle, so it felt very intimate as the brides and bridesmaids entered. Aisha lit a candle in remembrance of her father, and friends and family gave lovely readings.

After the ceremony, it was time for the group shots. Aisha and Matt were blessed with good fortune, as there was a long enough gap in the rain to get them done. As soon as we captured the final group shot, the rain came down, and guests headed for food and drink.

The dining hall was decked out with candles and tasteful flower arrangements, which added to the grandeur. The speeches were quite lengthy, but were very funny, touching and entertaining. As someone that’s listened to a lot of wedding speeches, it’s a good sign when you’re not looking at the clock!

After the reception, it was time to get down and boogie in the Pelican Bar. With a live DJ and an impressive lighting setup jazzing up the photos, Aisha and Matt gave a classy first dance performance, which even ended with a lift!

To sum things up, as we left we thought about how smoothly the whole day went. It was filled with real happiness and joy. Aisha and Matt, thank you for asking us to photograph your wedding!




Corpus Christi Wedding Cambridge Aisha & Matt

Corpus Christi Wedding Cambridge Aisha & Matt