I’m a Coney Island Baby Now

A few weeks back, we were in New York shooting a wedding (pics will be up soon), and the following day had a few hours to spare before our flight left, so we got on the train to Coney Island. I didn’t know much about the place other than it featuring in The Warriors and The Sopranos. I heard that it was washed up and run down, but the boardwalk was quite the opposite. There seems to be some regeneration going on, with a few building projects underway around the station.

As you can probably tell from the photos it was unseasonably cold, so there was no opportunity to sunbathe. Instead, we bought ourselves a couple of jumpers and hot dogs and went for a stroll along the boardwalk. It’s a very photogenic area, with bright colours and strong geometry everywhere. It was also very quiet and spacious. It would be nice to return one day, perhaps when the weather is a little more inviting. I’m sure the place would feel very different to the Coney Island we experienced that day.


Coney Island Baby Now

Coney Island Baby Now

CSVPA BA Fashion Shoot 2017

Another year goes by, and it’s time for the CSVPA BA Fashion Shoot 2017!

This year we had 11 graduates, who showed their collections in the Truman Brewery on 1st June as part of graduate fashion week.

My contribution to this exciting event was to photograph all 11 collections, and take photos of the show itself. There are 5 more students than last year, so it meant we had to be very organised to get the work photographed in a shorter space of time, due to the need to get the collections finished in time for Graduate Fashion Week. This number meant taking thousands of photos using two models over two consecutive weekends.

Here is my edit of the photos, along with the student’s names. For this post, I chose the more unusual photos, where the student asked the model to try out whatever they fancied. Who knows, amongst these graduates we may have the next Versace or Lagerfeld on our hands!

Photos of the show itself will be up on the blog in the near future.


Ellie Constable


Jay-Young Kyoung


Keyu Liu


Priscilla Andrews


Jihoo Kim


Li Er Law


Georgina Hart


Darlene Tan


Borey Tauch


Shareeka Robinson


Aana Raisani

CSVPA BA Fashion Shoot 2017


CSVPA BA Fashion Shoot 2017


Cambridge Wide Photography

Occasionally I get asked to shoot promotional material for the school I teach at. Mostly it’s based around the school or head shots of teachers, but on this occasion I was asked to take general shots around Cambridge. The photos will be used as part of an accommodation brochure about how great a place Cambridge is to study and live in, although the I’m sure the photos will resurface in all sorts of documents over the next couple of years.

In the past I’ve taken photos while walking summer school students around town, so I know where to go to look for pleasant pictures of Cambridge. I also got to try out my new super wide 10-18mm lens. I ended up taking lots of slow shutter speed shots of cyclists whizzing by famous landmarks, although I’ve only included a couple in this edit. It can be hard to be inspired by the city I’ve lived in most of my life, but I think you can get good shots anywhere if you look hard enough.


Cambridge Wide Photography

Cambridge Wide Photography

New York in a Flurry

I was in New York during the blizzard a couple of weeks back. I was there on business – the business of looking after 40 international students in unseasonable weather. The first alarm bells rang before I left, when I checked the weather app on my phone. It was -6°C during the daytime… in March! Perturbed, I packed an extra pair of long johns and off I went.

It was great to be back, 13 years since my last visit. It’s hard not to be impressed by the place, even if they have crap weather, which is saying something as a Brit. They described the incoming blizzard as a Nor’easter, which is a bastardisation of the word northeaster, meaning the direction of winds that create these conditions. It is quite possibly the ugliest word known to man, and discombobulating when it comes in mid-march, shortly before Easter.

One of the best things to do in New York is to traipse around the place and take photos of whatever comes your way, in keeping with the historic street photographers (Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander and Vivian Maier spring to mind).  It is the best playground for a photographer. The light creeps between buildings, creating amazing shapes and shadows, and the people of New York seem so busy they don’t have time to be offended by your camera. However, the wintry weather created an unusually quiet Manhattan. Our hotel was three blocks from the Empire State Building, and the only people outside were the shop owners desperately trying to keep their stretch of pavement clear of snow.

The weather was harsh on the poor students, who were supposed to use their free time to visit museums and galleries connected to their subject specialisms, but couldn’t because of the snow day. As a photographer, all I had to worry about was my feet getting wet from the slushy puddles forming around intersections.

We explored the city a lot during our free time, but it felt like I only scratched the surface. It would be nice to return without the responsibility of looking after students, and with the sole intention of taking photos.

New York in a Flurry

new york in a flurry


New York in a Flurry

Bonnie & Clyde – Wilburton Theatre Group

Bonnie & Clyde – Wilburton Theatre Group’s latest show, is about such a well known story it barely needs an introduction. What is less known is that there is a musical about the story, which follows the couple from childhood through to their grizzly end (spoiler alert!). The set is of a minimal design, but there is a great on-stage 1930’s style car, and newspaper print from the time decorates the stairs at the back of the stage.

Bonnie & Clyde is a violent story, which obviously means that there is lots of blood and guns. To chime with the minimalist theme, the guns are wooden cut-outs, but are made to the exact size and shape of the originals.

What really sets this show apart is the quality of the singing. All of the cast have done really well with what are very difficult songs to sing. I was very impressed by the harmonising in the multiple duets throughout the show.

If you are interested in seeing the show, you may be out of luck as all of the tickets are sold out online, however there are one or two available on the door if you fancy taking a chance. For now, you can see the photos from the show’s dress rehearsal below:

Bonnie & Clyde - Wilburton Theatre Group

Bonnie & Clyde – Wilburton Theatre Group