Annie The Musical – Cambridge Operatic Society (CaOS)

It’s been over a month since I photographed Annie The Musical – Cambridge Operatic Society at Cambridge Arts Theatre, so it’s high time these pictures were shared on the blog. The delay was mainly down to prioritising the sending of DVDs to cast members, but now that’s done I can freely post my favourites.

I was fortunate enough to be asked by CaOS to photograph the rehearsals due to the work I have done for Cambridge Theatre Company (CTC) and Wilburton Theatre Group (WTG). Acronyms aplenty! Photographically speaking, the fun part of this show was the size of the cast – there were two groups due to the amount of children required to put on this show. It was deemed unfair to put so much pressure on one set of kids, so they had two teams – Hooverville and Washington. This meant that there were nearly 30 cast members in all! It also gave me two shows to photograph, and two chances to catch decent shots of the performances.

Having not photographed in Cambridge Arts Theatre before, I was a little unsure about how to go about photographing the show. The lighting designer needed to have a pretty clear view of the stage most of the time, so I was very conscious not to plod about in the middle for too long. This also meant I bashed my legs into the arm rests a lot, as I rushed between the different rows. Suffering for your art is part of the job!

As far as I could tell, the dress rehearsals went without a hitch. The lighting looked great, and the singing and acting was of a high standard. The show has finished its run, but CaOS will be putting on a new show around this time next year. You can keep an eye on their latest productions by clicking here. The photos have been split into three sections – Early rehearsals, Washington Dress Rehearsals and Hooverville Dress Rehearsals.


Washington Dress

Annie The Musical - Cambridge Operatic Society

Hooverville Dress

Annie The Musical – Cambridge Operatic Society