An Hour in Barcelona (with a camera in hand)

What to do with an hour in Barcelona (and a camera in hand)?

Last weekend, me and the lady visited her brothers for a weekend of fun in Barcelona. While not exactly basking in the heat (in fact, there were very strong winds which threatened to topple any number of terracotta pots from the thousands of balconies lining the narrow streets of Barcelona), it was a far cry from the Baltic conditions of the UK at the moment.

We didn’t manage to get much sightseeing done, unless you count seeing the inside of many, many bars as such. I tend not to take my camera out to bars, so I didn’t get much photography done until the last day. We had a one hour window to stroll around La Boqueria Food Market and grab some tasty chorizo before heading to the airport, so the following images are a small selection of what we strolled past on our way there. It was enough time to remind me how photogenic this city is; even more so without the masses of tourists you get during the summer months.


An Hour in Barcelona

An hour in Barcelona