About Me


About me Peter Buncombe

I’m an English/Finnish mongrel that is the product of an extremely romantic backstory.


Some fun facts about me:


    • A.K.A – Petey Bum Bum (bestowed onto me by a 2 year old and a personal favourite), Pedro, Poida, Petri Dish and PJ and Buncombe to name the savoury ones.


    • I once taught English in Spain. Thoroughly enjoyed the weather and the tapas, the teaching not so much. However…



    • A few years ago, some friends and I cycled from Canada to Mexico in 20 days, raising £7000 for charity. Without doubt the biggest physical challenge of my life, but also one of my fondest memories.


    • I’ve shot weddings Internationally, including Sweden, France, New York and even Yosemite in America. Check out some of them in the portfolio section of my website.


    • I love photography and couldn’t imagine a life where I wasn’t actively involved in the medium all the time. I love travel and street photography – check it out in the people and places section and my blog, where I regularly post about my travels.


    • Backstory: In the 60s, my parents both signed up to a worldwide penpal scheme they both heard about on the radio. As luck would have it, they were matched with each other and wrote to each other for years before finally meeting. Sparks flew, and my mum moved to the UK from Finland and they got married a few years later!


About me Peter Buncombe