Through the Lens Competition

Two or three months ago I entered a photo competition called ‘Through the Lens’, hosted by Millennium Hotels and Resorts. The brief was to show how diverse and beautiful Britain is, so of course I opted to submit a desolate fenland landscape. However, it’s one of my favourite landscape pictures and has been sold a few times, so I fancied my chances despite the slim chances of winning.

Anyway, a couple of weeks back I received an email telling me I was highly commended by the judges, although sadly fell just short of winning anything. While it’s not ideal to promote coming second, third or tenth best in things, being judged to be in the top 100 of over 3000 entries is nice all the same. The standard was pretty high, although I thought a couple of the finalists and runners-up were poorly chosen. But that’s subjective art for you!

Anyway you can view the highly commended images (including my shot) by clicking here. You can look at the finalists by clicking here. Make your own decision on who should win!


through the lens competition



Through the Lens Competition